Life begins at HARI

We are delighted to have successfully helped start and extend thousands of Irish families

Support on your journey

Our dedicated team of skilled counsellors will support you at each step on your journey.

The natural plan

HARI has successfully introduced Natural Cycle IVF to offer this treatment where appropriate

World Class Success Rates

HARI's multi-disciplinary team consistently deliver world class success rates

Plans as unique as you are

HARI puts you at the heart of our team in devising your indivualised treatment plan

Leading the science in Ireland

HARI's pioneering research consistently leads to the introduction of innovations in embryology

The best evidence based care

Our internationally collaborated research ensures you have access to the best evidence based care


Understanding your Fertility

This is a key step in taking control and working to achieve a much wanted pregnancy

Treatments Designed for You

HARI designs individual treatment plans to give you the best chance of achieving pregnancy

Renowned Specialist Team

Meet the internationally renowned team that will care for you

World Class Success Rates

HARI's team consistently leads in Reproductive Medicine and achieves World Class Success Rates